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Tony Pasko Loves Sheptone Guitar Pickups!

guitar heartbreaker humbucker jimmy page pickup sheptone single coil tone

For more than 25 years, Tony has been a music industry professional and session guitarist. His vast playing background and knowledge of musical products has given him the opportunity to work and perform with some of the greatest musicians in the world. He has worked directly with the gear needs of Lynyrd Skynyrd, NickelBack, Duran Duran, Black Stone Cherry, Joe Satriani, Warrant, and Poison to name a few. He knows tone!

 Currently Tony writes music for television series such as Duck Dynasty, Shark Week, Wahlburgers, Jenny Loves Donny, Wicked Tuna, Pitbulls & Paroles, Lock Up, Hollywood Hillbillies, and many more!

 Here is what Tony has to say about his new Sheptone guitar pickups:

 “I've been playing these Sheptone guitar pickups a lot and they have been AMAZING!!! The Heartbreaker is by far one of the greatest humbuckers on the market today. Yeah it does the Page thing but it's so much more versatile than that, it also blends with single coils pickups better than most. The single coils are so fat and spicy sounding that I think I gained a few pounds just playing them; no overwhelming top end compression, they are smooth with just enough bite.  Very well done!!!”

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