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About us

It all started when Shep purchased a set of 1958 Gibson PAF’s for $4000 to put in his EC-1000. The difference was incredible. Being the type to tinker and take things apart simply to see how they work (much to his parents’ dismay as a child) he began to experiment with winding his own pickups. Eventually comparing them to his 1958 originals, back and forth, adjust and re-adjust, for over a year until he finally was able to duplicate THAT tone.  Sheptone officially started as a business  back in April of 2007.

When Shep was ready to retire from building pickups, he sold the brand, assets, and secret sauce to me, Josh Vittek.  I had worked with Shep on and off on the marketing side. I too, have a habit of taking things apart. It started with my very first guitar when I was 12 and hasn't stopped since. I figured if Eddie could do it, I could too! The guitar has been my life. Always has been, always will be. As it was with Shep, it is still a one man shop.

Thanks in advance for checking out the pickups and I look forward to building you your very own set soon.