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Sheptone specializes in humbucker guitar pickups modeled after the 1957-1961 long-magnet Gibson "Patent Applied For" pickups.

I have had the opportunity to rewind/repair/analyze over 100 of these pickups, and have taken extensive data from all of them including magnet strength, coil size, shape, offset, DC resistance per foot of the old 42PE, turns per layer, and amount of scatter. The old Leesona winder machines did not wind perfectly, at least from what I have found when unwinding broken coils turn-by-turn. There are some important things in the original Gibson assembly process and materials that contribute to the tone of these old pickups. I have duplicated these little known, seemingly trivial items, and found that they really make a difference when trying to achieve that perfect tone.

I have taken the best qualities of the best-sounding "Patent Applied For" pickups and perfected my own winding process to reproduce the sound of these old pickups, with that vintage character, sparkling but full-bodied sound, clarity, and harmonic performance.

Even though new materials are used, I have matched the tone through extensive testing with the help of some "expert ears" and frequency analysis comparisons to the best sounding "Patent Applied For" pickups that I have owned.

Sheptone humbuckers use Butyrate (CAB) bobbins that were molded using original "Patent Applied For" bobbin dimensions which are much different that the "off the shelf" bobbins others use. This is an important factor in the tone, and also give them the look, feel, and smell of vintage "Patent Applied For" pickups. Available in Black, Zebra (screws in black), and Reverse-Zebra (screws in cream)

All Sheptone humbuckers are UN-POTTED. Please see our "Resources/FAQ" page for more information.

Resistances are estimated, and intended for general comparison only.

When Tone Matters

Shop Humbuckers for sale at Sheptone. We build the last set of guitar pickups you will ever need to buy. For 10 years, Sheptone has focused on one thing and one thing only – tone. Our humbuckers, single coils, and bass pickups are all designed from the ground up with a 100% commitment to insuring our customers achieve tone nirvana. Our pickups will fit most electric guitar models including Fender®, Gibson®, PRS®, ESP®, and many others. Please scroll through the site and take a look at what it takes to help you achieve that killer tone you’ve always wanted and become a tone junkie today.