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Sheptone Alnico 2 Tele Bridge and Tribute Neck Demo

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Check out this sweet demo of our Alnico 2 Tele bridge pickup matched with a Tribute Neck humbucker. This video is from YouTube user EdA1. He says this set up is inspired by Joe Bonamassa. Below is his full video description:

 “This is my 2015 Road Worn '50s Telecaster (lightweight and some really good sounding wood on this one)... After seeing Joe Bonamassa live with his Nocaster that had been modded years ago with a humbucker, I decided to do the same to mine. I had it routed and put a Sheptone Tribute in the neck position and replaced the bridge pup with a Sheptone A2 Tele which reads about 7.8k. These two pickups balance beautifully!... Joe's neck pickup is out of phase with the bridge pup, so I also put a push-push in the tone control so I could choose in or out of phase.... I'm a Les Paul player but gotta say this guitar is a ton of fun!!!... I play rock and blues, no country licks here, and I’m using my early '80s Deluxe II with some drive going.”

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