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Tribute Humbucker Set

Tribute Humbucker Set

$129.00 $350.00
The Tribute set uses rough finished Alnico 5 (degaussed) magnets, using 57-58 spec 42 Enamel. Resistance may vary from set to set since my winding process goes strictly by the number of turns of wire. Although the originals were never installed in certain positions based on their resistance, this has proven to me be the range of the best sounding pickups in those positions. Tributes come standard with Gibson "Patent Applied For" 49.2mm pole spacing.Sheptone Tributes were carefully designed for the BEST sound through extensive research, winding/re-winding, and comparison testing...

These pickups produce the same beautiful sound as original "Patent Applied For" pickups at a fraction of the price. When in doubt, the Tribute set is the best choice for all around "Patent Applied For" performance for a wide variety of music.


Name Magnet DC Res Wire Type
Sheptone Tribute - Bridge Alnico 5 8.0K 42PE
Sheptone Tribute - Neck Alnico 5 7.6K 42PE

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