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Tele Pickups

Sheptone Telecaster pickups, featuring vintage construction, beveled poles, wound to high-average vintage specs using #42 enamel wire on the bridge, 43 enamel wire on the neck and hand charged magnets. Pickups are RW/RP to eliminate noise when pickups are selected together. Pickups are heavily potted to reduce feedback.

Tele sets traditionally have a mismatch in volume between neck and bridge pickups. I have solved that problem with a couple adjustments in the magnets and windings.

Neck available with chrome, nickel, raw nickel, or gold cover.

Resistances are estimated, and intended for general comparison only.

When Tone Matters

Shop Tele Pickups for sale at Sheptone. We build the last set of guitar pickups you will ever need to buy. For 10 years, Sheptone has focused on one thing and one thing only – tone. Our humbuckers, single coils, and bass pickups are all designed from the ground up with a 100% commitment to insuring our customers achieve tone nirvana. Our pickups will fit most electric guitar models including Fender®, Gibson®, PRS®, ESP®, and many others. Please scroll through the site and take a look at what it takes to help you achieve that killer tone you’ve always wanted and become a tone junkie today.