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Pricing is Going Up August 1!

It kills me to do this. I hate it. But I’ve held on as long as I can. My competitors increased their pricing last year but I can’t hold out any longer.  Copper as a commodity has doubled over the past year. As a processed good for sale, it has actually quadrupled in some cases.  Oil to manufacture my bobbins is up 90%!  Even nickel silver is up 50%.  It is getting insane.  I’m not whining. I have no control over these matters.  I just want to be as transparent as I possibly can to you.  If you haven’t already noticed, even the cheap strings are no longer cheap.  The run of the mill every day set of guitar strings was $4.50 a set all day long a year ago.  Now they are $6.99 and up.  That’s an increase of more than 50%!

So what I want to do is give you an advanced notice on the price increase.  It looks to be about a 40% increase.  Give or take, depending on the product. If you want to be beat the price increase, please put your order in immediately.  SO long as your order is in by July 31, I will honor the current pricing.

***This will not effect the guitar strings.  The materials increases were already accounted for when I launched them last year***

Place your order TODAY!

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