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Another 5 Star Review

dogear gibson junior p90 sheptone vintage

“I'll try to make this as short as possible. When I was a young kid the first guitar I fell in love with was a mid 50s Junior. At the time I didn't play nor did I really understand a ton about guitars but knew this one was special. It could rip your face off like a terrific Tele, it could be the sweetest tones you ever heard for blues, it could rock and it could do so much more. I've spent most of my life dreaming of those tones and that guitar. I recently acquired a newer junior after years of wanting one. The tone wasn't there but it has a cool vibe. Talked to Sheptone because the customer service is second to none. After a few weeks of being on the fence about it, I took the plunge. After nearly a lifetime of looking for that tone that I heard as a kid and thought maybe I was making it all up, I finally have it. The Sheptone P90 is fu*#ing unreal. It captures all those tones that I have been dreaming of and then some. I'm completely blown away. Thank you so much for making my tone dreams a reality and for the terrific service. Best wishes.”

Thanks Joshua

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