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A Musical Reaction to Sheptone

hagstrom Mads Bolding P90 semi-hollow sheptone

There is nothing better than hearing what you customers come up with once you've play a set of pickups I build for you.  Back in December, Mads Bolding reached out in need of a P90 set for his semi hollow.  As you will see, the swap wasn't gong to be easy. The P90's were replacing humbuckers.  And to make the swap even more difficult, it was a semi-hollow body guitar. No fun whatsoever.  But I tip my hat to Copenhagen Guitars who did the work (also a Sheptone customer).  Look how nice and clean the finished work came out.  More importantly, listen to Mads reaction once he was able to hear his newly modified guitar.  I love it. Thank you, Mads. Thank you Copenhagen Guitars.

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