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Heartbreaker Humbucker Set

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"Jaw-dropping good." - Guitar Interactive magazine

As the name implies, this set was designed to capture that Jimmy Page tone. Not wound to duplicate any particular set in any particular Page guitar, but just to emulate that sound we all know. These are still in the "Patent Applied For" range of course so they are still great for all classic rock, but they just have that certain character that really works for Page riffs and licks. Try using them in the middle position with the neck volume on 10, and cutting the bridge in from 6-7 and you'll be amazed at the results! Check out the great video below.  Even further down, the tone clips were recorded straight through a Carr "Vincent" amp with no pedals. A wah was used on Whole Lotta love.


Name Magnet DC Res Wire Type
Sheptone Heartbreaker - Bridge Alnico 5 8.35K 42PE
Sheptone Heartbreaker - Neck Alnico 5 7.35K 42PE

Tone Clips

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