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P90 Set

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The ultimate tone generator. Alnico 5, scatter wound 42 enamel for fat and rounded tone with a lot of snarl. Full clean tones. RW/RP for hum-cancelling in middle position. Resistances are estimated, and intended for general comparison only. This is my favorite pickup I build by far. I build every single one by hand with nothing but the finest material, the attention to detail, and the time it takes to do it right. They will be the last set you ever buy.  Unless, of course, you own more than one guitar.

  • Rough finished, degaussed alnico 5 magnets for articulate notes and wide dynamics
  • RW/RP for hum cancelling in the middle position
  • 42AWG plain enamel wire wound to my specific number of winds and tension is what really sets mine apart from the others
  • Vintage spec’d German nickel silver baseplates
  • Vintage braided wire to stay true to the authenticity of the originals
  • Standard 50mm pole spacing
  • Resistance may vary from set to set since the winding process goes strictly by the number of turns of wire but DC resistances tend to be around 8.6k for the bridge and 8.0k for the neck
  • Lifetime craftsmanship warranty against manufacture's defects.  Satisfaction Guaranteed.





Name Magnet DC Res Wire Type
Sheptone P90 - Bridge Alnico 5 or Alnico 2 8.6K 42PE
Sheptone P90 - Neck Alnico 5 or Alnico 2 8.0K 42PE

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