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The Ultimate Bass Strings are Here from Sheptone

With a warm, round tone, my handcrafted nickel plated, electric bass strings are designed for players wanting to achieve the tone they hear in their head and feel in their soul. My strings are made on a U.S.A. workbench using the best domestically sourced, raw materials available. Achieving the best tone and the best feel is a delicate balancing act between metal and tension but when that synergy is mastered, the tone is what dreams are made of. And playing them? Playing them is easy and smooth – it’s like buttah. It’s a process. But it’s what it takes to deliver the tone and feel of the absolute best string. Right out the pack. Every. Single. Time.

While tone and feel are always my priority, an indirect result to taking the time to do it right is durability. The combination of a treated hex core and nickel-plated wrap wire makes Sheptone’s strings especially durable without you feeling it. The hex core maintains structural integrity while tuned to pitch and played on a repeated basis, while the silky-smooth wrap wire adds a protective layer against corrosion and wear, helping extend the life of the string.

"I have been playing bass for 30 years, and touring for 20 in a range of styles. I have tried them all when it comes to strings. I came across these recently from a friends recommendation, and I absolutely love these. Hand wound, hands down the best strings I’ve strung up my bass with in a while. The tone is well rounded in the spectrum. Rich and meaty with punch, beautiful clarity, with just the right amount of brightness in the highs would be my best description. And they last. I fly a lot and these hold up through harsh and changing conditions. But even better, recording with them I get everything I want to compliment the instrument." Stated David Filice of The Party Crashers, DMC and the Hellraisers, David Archuleta, Robbie Williams, and Cassadee Pope.

Danny Stewart of Bass Direct Japan added this: "these strings are nice and even. Bright and punchy. Just what you need. I am now shipping every bass I sell setup with Sheptone strings.” 

For over 15 years, Sheptone has been an industry secret for one thing and one thing only—tone. My bass strings represent the next phase of that tradition. Try them out.  Let me know what you think.  I’m betting you become a customer for life.