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Red Headed Stepchild Humbucker Set

$179.99 $599.00
If you are looking for over the top, just outside of the "Patent Applied For" range tone, look no further. This is the hottest set that I build for really driving the amp. Thick and chunky with lots of crunch. Using 57-58 spec 42 enamel wire, the bridge coils are full and just can't take any more! Paired with an AB custom neck. Again the brainchild of Brian Kahanek, the tone clip video is of his Custom Melancon Tele with this set installed, played through a Marshall amp. If you want hot, does it get any better??


Name Magnet DC Res Wire Type
Red Headed Stepchild - Bridge Alnico 5 9.0K 42PE
Red Headed Stepchild - Neck Alnico 5 7.6K 42PE

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