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AB Custom Strat Single Coil Pickups Set


"Your AB Custom single coils blow the Eric Johnson signature set away!" - Mike Aronson of Aronson Custom Guitars

"The neck pickup is amazingly sweet." - Performer magazine

Like Hot Blues and SRV? This is the set for you. Modeled after late 60s vintage pickups, this set is gritty and full. Using 42 Enamel wire and alnico 5 magnets, this is by far my most popular single coil set.


Name Magnet DC Res Wire Type
Sheptone AB Custom - Bridge Alnico 5 6.6K 42PE
Sheptone AB Custom - Middle Alnico 5 6.3K 42PE
Sheptone AB Custom - Neck Alnico 5 6.3K 42PE

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