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All Humbucker guitar pickups are now built with Sheptone exclusive BUTYRATE bobbins reverse engineered from original PAF bobbins. The shape, color, and they even smell like the old pickups!

Sheptone welcomes the endorsement of Danny Kortchmar. Danny will be playing an Andy Brauer upgraded Roadworn Tele with a Sheptone Alnico 2 Tele bridge pickup, and a Tribute neck pickup on the upcoming tour with James Taylor and Carole King. Thanks Kootch!

Sheptone welcomes the endorsement of Keith Scott of the Bryan Adams band. Thanks Keith!

Check out the new "Logicaster" from Black Mesa Guitars loaded with Sheptone pickups right out of the box. Black Mesa has incorporated modern construction into this timeless classsic for better playability and tone. I own one of Clint's guitars and I can tell you first hand that they are absolutely incredible!

Quiet down that P90 guitar! P-hucker pickups are once again available! These are true 2-coil humbucking pickups that fit in standard P90 routes and use standard P90 covers with center poles. Available in soapbar or dogear.

Coming soon... bass guitar pickups including P-Bass and J-Bass (4 and 5 string), vintage style Mini-Humbuckers, 7-string humbuckers, and the "Red-Headed Stepchild" humbucker bridge pickup.

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE YOU ORDER: Current estimated wait time is 5-6 weeks for build/shipment on all humbuckers, including Blue Sky's!

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE YOU ORDER: Current estimated wait time for P90, Strat, and Tele pickups is 4-5 weeks.

**Here is a brand new track from Brian Kahanek recorded with my BK Signature PAF Set. Look for "Dreamland" on BK's new album One True Thing slated for release on April 15th! Equipment used is listed on the Humbucker page.




Got any 50's PAF parts laying around?? Skip the ebay fees...Top dollar paid for parts for some personal restoration projects. Email me through my contact page.

Sheptone welcomes the endorsement of Brian Kahanek. Brian performed the unlock track "Gemini" in the smash video game Guitar Hero 2. Video clips of Brian using my pickups coming soon...Thanks BK! Check out his 2 CD's "Real Life" and "Suicide King" for some absolutely kick-ass music!

The first electrical signal generated from your guitar comes from your pickups. No matter
what processor, amp, or effects you use, if that first signal is not what you want... your final sound won't be what you want. The guitar pick up is the most important link that transfers the tone of the guitar to the amp.

My philosophy on pickups is simple...they should be transparent and allow the primary tones of the wood to come through. It is a wooden instrument after all. If you really listen to those classic riffs and tones that we all know, you can hear the wood and that is the key. While some secondary tone is inherent to each pickup design, the job of the pickup is to respond to the players' touch (dynamics), enhance the natural harmonics and overtones that accompany each note, and transfer this "voice" to the rest of the signal chain.

For those of you who don’t want to read a bunch of words, but want to hear the pickups, you will find sound files on this site demonstrating the sounds that you can experience from your instrument using sheptone pickups. I have done this because I believe that tone is the most important factor in choosing a pickup, not resistance, or output. These are good approximate measurements of what you can expect but there are many many factors that go into producing a quality TONE. Email or call me if you are not sure exactly what you are looking for.

All of my pick ups are built for the best possible tone through exhaustive experimentation and testing. I don't pay much attention to resistance. The wire used, the number of turns, materials used, magnet choice, and coil geometry are really what things are all about. I list resistances because that has become the industry standard used to describe pickup specifications. If you want to skip the sales pitch, just choose which model of pickup from the drop-down menu above, and then scroll down to LISTEN to my pickups, here is a quick sample of a killer song recorded completely with my PAF Tribute Humbucker pickups…at the end of the song is a "back and forth" between my Tribute Humbuckers and my Standard Strat pickups.”Dogeared”(disable pop-up blocker) courtesy of Don Peterson a great player and songwriter!

Also on my reviews page, some of my customers have sent me sound clips so you can hear my pickups through several different guitars, equipment set-ups, and styles of music, so have a listen… and of course watch the video I talked about earlier.

Even some of the finest guitars in the world come with mass-produced pickups. They have sacrificed quality to reduce costs. At sheptone, every pickup sold is personally built by me and it will always stay that way. Born about 100 years late, I still believe in quality hand-craftsmanship.

I will never sell any more pickups than I can personally build so you can be assured of their hand-crafted quality and attention to detail.

I currently offer Humbucker and Stratocaster pickups, Telecaster pickups, P90 pickups, and custom pickups for your strat, tele pickup, or les paul pickup needs. Other pickups are available including aged but I don't have sound clips up for all of them yet.

A good set of pickups can make an average guitar incredible, and an incredible guitar...

     phenomenal...if your guitar sounds good unplugged, it can be a tone monster with the right electronics!

          I can talk all day long about how great they are but

                the proof is in the sound.

WHEN IN THE LOS ANGELES AREA, stop by Andy Brauer's Showroom to try my PAF Tributes side-by-side with real Gibson PAF's!

Click here to read Andy's testimonial

**All pickups available can be wound to your specifications, so if you have something in mind, email me through my contact page**

Thanks for visiting sheptone, and I look forward to building you the last pickups you’ll ever buy.