The first electrical signal generated from your guitar comes from your pickups. No matter what processor, amp, or effects you use, if that first signal is not what you want... your final sound won't be what you want. Before I go too far into my pitch, let me say that you should decide what pickup to use based on what it SOUNDS like. Pickup makers do not allow you to do that for very good reason...they want you to BUY their pickups basedon THEIR FAMOUS NAME. Big whoop. I am changing that because I want my customers to get what theywant. Wow, there's a business model...if you want to skip the sales pitch, just scroll down and LISTEN to my pickupsI have recorded them side by side in the same track with the most coveted holy-grail of all pickups, the 1959 gibson PAF. Also on my testimonial page, my customers have sent me sound clips so you canhear my pickups through several different guitars, equipment set-ups, and styles of music. After you hear them, you will buy them, and you will be happy. OK, on with the pitch... Even some of the finest guitars in the world come with mass-produced pickups. They sound OK but they just don't have the versatility of that vintage sound. They have sacrificed quality to reduce costs. I don't care how many engineers you hire to design a pickup, you just can't get that genuine sound unless the pickup is hand-wound. Sheptone specializes in humbucker pickups modeled after the 1959-1961 long-magnet gibson P.A.F. Let me say that there is no such thing as a reproduced PAF because they all sounded different.There were many slightly different sounds, because there were many different variables in the manufacturing process. What can be done is to duplicate the sound of the "average" P.A.F. by duplicating the manufacturing process and materials, and consistently reproducing the sound of the best-sounding original P.A.F.'s I have owned some of these original pickups and have even gone as far as taking one apart in order to faithfully duplicate the original. That was not an easy task at the time due to the value of an original, untouched P.A.F. but it was necessary so that I can bring you the highest quality pickup possible.Sheptone tribute pickups capture that vintage sound but are versatile enough to use for any style of music. Sheptone sets the clock back to the 1950's and early 1960's by carefully winding and assembling each pickup by hand to average resistances. I have gone to great lengths to duplicate these pickups right down to the maple spacers and the rough-finished alnico 2 and 5 magnets, I have selected winding combinations and magnetsthat work together to produce the sounds that you are looking for... The original #42 AWG plain purple-colored enamel wire is used just as in the original P.A.F. modern reproductions use cheaper poly-insulated wire which changes the sound significantly.Enamel wire is more expensive and difficult to work with but the sound difference is remarkableCoils are carefully mis-matched as the original PAF's (although they didn't do it on purpose) to add to that vintage character. The coils are completely wound and fed BY HAND in order to achieve a true scattered wire orientation. The scattered coil pattern in the wire produced by hand-winding is the finaldifference between engineered pickups and that genuine vintage sound. I have taken the best qualities of the best-sounding P.A.F.'s and re-perfected the process of winding them just as they were in the days of thefamous Les Paul Gold-Top and the Gibson ES-335, guitars that are worth $100,000-$450,000+ today. and hey, who wants to (or can) spend $5000 on a pair of pickups? Now, there is no reason to... Born about 100 years late, I still believe in quality hand-craftsmanship. I will never sell any more pickups than I can personally build so you can beassured of their hand-crafted quality and attention to detail. At this point, I specialize in ONE pickup, the Gibson P.A.F. style humbucker pickup. Stratocaster and Telecaster pickupsare also available, just email me through my contact page for pricing and details. My standard matched set uses rough finished Alnico 2 magnets and an average of 8K wind on the bridge and average 7.6K wind on the neck with an alnico 5 magnet. Standard set comes in zebra or double-black. don't let those resistances fool you... anyone can wind the crap out of a pickup, but that won't make it sound better. Sheptone tributes were carefully designed for the BEST sound... If you are a victim of marketing and just have to have it, my pickups are also available with your choice of magnets and winds of up to 9K (adds 25 bones to the price of each pickup) ***Warning...only my standard pickups will sound like real P.A.F.'s but hand-wound coils will result in a better sounding pickup regardless of the resistance and magnet used *** A good set of pickups can make an average guitar incredible, and an incredible guitar... phenomenal... I can talk all day long about how great they are but the proof is in the sound. These pickups produce the same beautiful sound as original PAF's at a fraction of the price. Listen for yourself ...this is a complete song recorded with my pickups in a Les Paul R9 dogeared These two short sound files were recorded with my standard set,.. vanhalen clean This file was recorded using two identical ESP guitars, one with my standard set and one with Gibson 1959 PAF'sCan you tell which is which? misc-blues These are basically the same song, one recorded with my standard set, and one recorded with 1959 PAF's in the same guitar... heavySheptone heavyPAF Please also see my testimonials page for sound files from satisfied customers...Sheptone pickups are consistent. you can buy 10 real PAF's and they will all sound slightly different. I have modeled my pickups after only the best sounding PAF's so that you will consistentlyget the best sound from your guitar. I offer a 15 day return policy on standard pickups... The pickups must be in original condition (like, don't cut the leads short) andyou pay for the return shipping. Pickups come standard with gibson 50mm pole spacing. Please use the drop-down menus below to place an order, or to order by mail click here I accept PAYPAL and major credit cards, internet prices include shipping.Please use the drop-down menu's to specify bobbin color and wiring.